Content Differentiation Guidebook (Create Content that Stands Out)

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If you're using the same tools, processes, and researching the top-ranking pages to create content, then how will you differentiate your content strategy?

Isn't this making your content look similar to what's already there on the first page of Google?

Here's how we're told to optimize content for SEO:

  • Step 1. Study the SERP
  • Step 2. Research the information architecture
  • Step 3. Identify what topics, headings, and questions are covered on their pages
  • Step 4. Create similar content. Add similar topics. Answer similar questions.
  • Step 5. Publish.

Even if you've managed to rank on the first page of Google, how will your content be differentiated from others?

The fact is: We don't have a content differentiation strategy in the first place.


We end up creating copycat content (that looks similar and contains similar information).

So, how do we create content that ranks well in the search and stands out from the competitors?

This content differentiation guidebook has the answers.

In this guidebook, I have shared 6 methods that you can use to train your content writers, content marketers, and SEOs to build a content differentiation plan.

In fact, these are the exact strategies I use for my SEO clients to rank higher in search and build a long-term brand identity.

So, download the guidebook now and start building a content brand that stands out.

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Content Differentiation Guidebook (Create Content that Stands Out)

2 ratings
I want this!